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Artillery Prayer

The Weekly Advocate
Baton Rouge Newspaper
March 2, 1862

In this hour of gloom, President Davis has appointed a day for fasting and prayer.  This is right, and we hope that the day will be generally observed.  Among all our trusts that in the Lord God of Hosts is the strongest. In the hour of our trial, it is mote to call upon Him for success. 

But let it be remembered that in the mysterious dispensations of His Providence, He lends no helping hand to those who will not help themselves.  Other nations than ours have struggled for liberty and found it not.  We must work.  Pumps and strong hands to them will save a sinking ship, when prayer, without willing hands, avails nothing.

At Trafalgar shots on the weaker side were rammed home with hearty English arms, whilst on the other, nervous knees sought help from He who assisted them not because they would not help themselves.  It is right and our duty to lift up our voices to Him whom we all hope will cause our ultimate triumph, but if on that day you can raise a man for the army - if you can hit a lick for the cause - do it.  Heaven is not always on the side of the most artillery, but it won't injure the side it is on to try and get the most of it.