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1861 - 1865

companies 1, 2, 3, & 4

Louisiana Cartridge Box Plate
circa 1840 - 1870

For the first four companies, there is a belt plate that is commercially available today for which we have no documented evidence to tell us how extensively, if at all, it was worn by the men of the Washington Artillery.  Pictured below, that belt plate has the letters "WA" inscribed in it.  We are not certain to which of the first four Companies of the Washington Artillery to attribute the inscribed "WA" letters belt plate.  However, we are given to understand that, viewing the original from which the copies are cast, it appears as if the belt plate was actually made from a two-piece Confederate artillery belt plate into which the letters were hand-gouged.

Washington Artillery Belt Plate
With Letters "WA" Inscribed
circa 1861 - 1865

Confederate Belt Plate - 1861 to 1862
The Type From Which The
Two-Piece "WA" Inscribed Belt Plate
May Have Been Derived

Louisiana State Militia Two-Piece
Pelican Sword Belt Plate
1861 - 1865

Louisiana State Militia Pelican Belt Plate
circa 1851 - 1865

Washington Artillery 2-Piece Bas Relief Belt Plate

The two-piece belt plate with bas relief (raised letters) "WA" as part of the casting and worn with the saber belt is one option discussed in the section Leather Belt & Belt Plate

Crossed Cannons

Washington Artillery 
Crossed Cannons
& Letters

You may elect to purchase the small crossed cannons to pin to the front of the kepi (in contrast to the large brass crossed cannons that commonly adorn the crown of most kepis; the Washington Artillery crossed cannons insignia is smaller and more delicate-looking than the Federal Army's 1851 or 1857 Artillery insignia); and two small brass letters "W" and "A" to be pinned to the front of the kepi, usually with the "W" to the left of the crossed cannons and the "A" to the right of the crossed cannons. Those were worn by all of the men of the 5th Company - Washington Artillery at the time of the war.

Washington Artillery Irate Tiger's Head Badge

Another option is a badge made in the style of the famous Washington Artillery badge with the irate tiger's head. The reproduction available to Washington Artillery reenactors is made deliberately to differ from the original so that it cannot be passed off as an original. The badge with the irate tiger head is not only arguably the most distinctive and distinguishable piece of "hardware" worn during the Civil War, but it was worn by all of the men of the Washington Artillery. We strongly recommend that you acquire this badge. At present, though, it is an option.

Louisiana State Militia Pelican Button