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1861 - 1865

5th Company

Smoothside Canteen
Model 1858

The US-issue Model 1858 "smoothside" canteen with a sky blue kersey wool cover is arguably one of the better choices for the 5th Company - Washington Artillery impression.  Sky blue kersey wool, originally chosen for the Artillery's trousers only, was a preferred choice of wools because it was less expensive than dark blue; and natural jean cloth was even less expensive as the war wore on, making it a reasonable choice for Confederate Government-issue canteens.  However, dark blue wool is also appropriate and acceptable, as is Richmond Gray.

Wool colors for canteens then would typically include sky blue kersey wool, dark blue, Richmond Gray, and natural jean cloth (if the canteen was a CS Government issue and not a privately acquired canteen).

Soldiers of both sides adjusted the straps of their haversack and canteen for comfort on the march.  They wore them high so they would not beat their hips and thighs for miles on end.  The canteen and haversack were worn over the belt, with the strap thrown over the right shoulder so that the canteen and haversack were worn on the left side.

Model 1858 Bullseye & Drum Canteens

Model 1858
Bullseye Canteen

Confederate States Convex Drum Canteen

Confederate States Drum Canteen


Wooden Canteen
circa 1805 - 1840

Wooden Canteen
circa 1820 - 1850


Wooden Canteen
(modern reproduction)