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1854 - 1861

Chevrons of noncommissioned officers are to be manufactured in 1/2" red worsted wool herringbone twill tape and sewn on woolen backings, using a "neutral" or tan cotton thread in keeping with the practice of the period. Edges of the wool backing need not be hemmed.

1859 US Army Regulations
1549. The rank of non-commissioned officers will be marked by chevrons upon both sleeves of the uniform coat and overcoat, above the elbow, of silk or worsted binding one-half an inch wide, same color as the edging on the coat, points down, as follows:
1550. For A Sergeant Major--three bars and an arc, in silk.
1551. For a Quartermaster Sergeant--three bars and a tie, in silk.
1552. For an Ordnance Sergeant--three bars and a star, in silk.
1553. For a Hospital Steward--a half chevron of the following description,--viz.: of emerald green cloth, one and three-fourths inches wide, running obliquely downward from the outer to the inner seam of the sleeve, and at an angle of about thirty degrees with a horizontal, parallel to, and one-eighth of an inch distant from, both the upper and lower edge, an embroidery of yellow silk one-eighth of an inch wide, and in the centre a "caduceus" two inches long, embroidered also with yellow silk, the head toward the outer seam of the sleeve.
1554. For a First Sergeant--three bars and a lozenge, in worsted.
1555. For a Sergeant--three bars, in worsted.
1556. For a Corporal--two bars, in worsted.
1557. For a Pioneer--two crossed hatchets of cloth, same color and material as the edging of the collar, to be sewed on each arm above the elbow in the place indicated for a chevron, (those of a corporal to be just above and resting on the chevron), the head of the hatchet upward, its edge outward, of the following dimensions, viz.: Handle--four and one-half inches long, one-fourth to one-third inch wide. Hatchet--two inches long, one inch wide at the edge.
1558. To indicate service--all non-commissioned officers, musicians and privates, who have served faithfully for the term of five years, will wear, as a mark of distinction, upon both sleeves of the uniform coat, below the elbow, a diagonal chevron, one-half an inch wide, extending from seam to seam, the front end nearest the cuff, and one-half an inch above the point of the cuff, to be of the same color as the edging on the coat. In like manner, an additional half chevron, above and parallel to the first, for every subsequent five years of faithful service; distance between each chevron one-fourth of an inch. Service in war will be indicated by a light or sky blue stripe on each side of the chevron for Artillery, and a red stripe for all other corps, the stripe to be one-eighth of an inch wide.