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lee's songbook



A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go
Abide With Me: Fast Falls The Eventide
Abolitionists' Hymn
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham's Daughter; Or, Raw Recruits
Acres Of Clams; Or, Old Settlers' Song
Ah, Lo Zo-Zo Chan' Dan' Branche: A Creole Song
Alabama Again
Alabama Joe
Alas! And Did My Saviour Bleed?
All For Me Grog
All Glory, Laud & Honor
All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name
All People That On Earth Do Dwell
All Quiet Along The Potomac Tonight
All Spice; Or., Spice For All
All The Pretty Little Horses
All Things Bright & Beautiful
Amazing Grace! How Sweet The Sound; Or, Faith's Review & Expectation
Am I A Soldier Of The Cross!
America, My Country 'Tis Of Thee
Analization; Or, What Are Mortals Made Of
And Can It Be That I Should Gain!
Angel Band
Angelina Baker
Annie Laurie
Annie Of The Vale
Approach, My Soul, The Mercy Seat
Araby's Daughter
Are We Free?
Arise, O God, And Shine
Arkansas Traveler
The Army Bean
Army Leeches
Atchison's Buccaneers
Auld Lang Syne
Aunt Dinah; Or, Poor Aunt Dinah
Aunt Harriet Beecha Stowe
Aunt Jemima's Plaster; Or, Sheepskin Bees Wax No. 2
Aura Lee
Awake In Dixie
Away Down Souf
Away Down South In The Land Of Traitors
Away Goes Cuffee; Or, Hooray For '63


Babylon Is Fallen
Balm Of Gilead
The Baltimore Girls
The Banks Of The Ohio
Barbara Allen
The Battle Cry Of Freedom: Northern Version
The Battle Cry Of Freedom: Southern Version
Battle Hymn Of The republic
Battle Of Jericho
Beautiful Dreamer
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Belle Ob Tennisee
Beloved, It Is Well
Ben McCullough
Bessie Lane
Bile Dem Cabbage Down
Billy Barlow
Billy Boy
Billy O'Rourke
Black-Ey'd Mary
The Blackest Crow
Blest Be The Tie That Binds
Blow Ye The Trumpet, Blow
The Blue Bells Of Scotland
Blue-Tail Fly
De Blue Tail Fly: A Negro Song
Bob Gray
Bob-Tailed Nag
The Bonnie Blue Flag: A Southern Patriotic Song
The Bonnie White Flag That Bears The Crimson Square; Or, The Song Of The Confederate Signal Corps
Bound For The Promised Land
Bounty Jumper's Lament
The Brass Mounted Army
Brethren, We Have Met To Worship
Bridget O'Malley; Or, Brid Og Ni Mhaille
Bright Canaan
The Bright Hills Of Glory
Bring My Brother Back To Me
The Brogue
Bull Dog An' De Baby


Call To Kansas
Camo Kimo
Camp Gals
The Campbells Are Coming
Camptown Races
The Cannoneer
The Captain With His Whiskers
Carry Me Back To Tennessee
Castles In The Air
Charming Emma Snow
Cheer, Boys, Cheer!; Or, Morgan's War Song
Ching A Ring Chaw; Or, Sambo's Address To His Bred'ren
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
Clap Your Hands 'Til Daddy Comes Home
Clare De Kitchen; Or, De Kentucky Screamer
Clementine; Or, Down By The River
Co-Ca-Che-Lunk; Or, The Camp War Song
Colored Volunteer
Conflict: Light Shining Out Of Darkness; Or, God Moves In A Mysterious Way
Come Along John, The Piper's Son
Come Back, Massa, Come Back
Come Dearest, The Twilight Is Gone
Come In Out Of The Draft
Come On, My Fellow Pilgrims, Come
Come Raise Me In Your Arms, Dear Brother
Come, Thou Almighty King
Come, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing
Come, We That Love The Lord
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming
Come Ye Sinners, Poor And Needy
Comin' From The War
The Compromise Song; Or, Sister Carrie
The Confederate Signal Corps Song; Or, The Bonnie White Flag
The Conscript's Lay
Corporal Schnapps
The Cruel War Is Raging
Cum Along John, The Piper's Son
Cumberland Gap


Dada! Dada!
Dandy Jim From Caroline
Dar He Goes!  Dat's Him!
Darling Nelly Gray; Or, Nelly Gray
The Darling Yaller Gal Dat Had A Josey On
De Boatman Dance
De Day Ob Liberty's Comin'
De Nigger On De Fence
Dead Rabbits' Fight With The Bowery Boys
Dear Mother, I've Come Home To Die
Dear Mother, I've Come Home To Eat
Dearest May
The Death Of Jenny Wade
Deep River
Der Deitcher's Dog; Or, The Dutch Warbler
Dick Darlin' The Cobbler
Didn't She Seem To Like It?
Die In De Fiel'
Dinah Crow
Dinah Crow's Abolition
Dinah Doe
Dinah's Lamentation
Dixie, The Land Of King Cotton
Dixie's Land
Do They Miss Me At Home?
Dolcy Jones
Dolcy Day
Don't Mix Your Liquor, Boys
Dove Of Peace
Down By The River Lived A Maiden
Down In Alabam'; Or, Ain't I Glad I Got Out De Wilderness
Down-Trodden Maryland
The Dutch Warbler; Or, Der Deitcher's Song
Doxology; Or, Old Hundredth; Or, Old 100th
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
The Dying Child


Early In The Morning
Eight More Miles To Louisville
Ellie Rhee; Or, Carry Me Back To Tennessee
The Enlisted Men; Or, Negro Battle Hymn
Epistle To The Ladies
Eva To Her Papa
Ezekiel Saw The Wheel


The Fainting General
Fair Ella Lee
Faithless Nelly Gray
Faith's Review & Expectation; Or, Amazing Grace! How Sweet The Sound
Farewell, My Lilly Dear
Fat & Greasy
The Field Of Antietam
The Fine Old Color'd Gentleman
Fire Away!: The Song Of Ringgold's Artillerists
Flight Of Doodles
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
Folks That Put On Airs
Follow The Drinking Gourd
For Bales
For The Dear Old Flag I Die
Fort Sumter
Free At Last
From Every Stormy Wind That Blows


Gal From The South
The Gal In The Cabbage Line
Garry Owen
Gay And Happy!
General Johnston
Gentle Annie
The Georgian Slave Ballad
Get Off The Track
The Ghost Of Uncle Tom
Gideon's Band
The Girl I Left Behind Me
Give Me Jesus
Give This To Mother
Give Us One Chance, 'Tis All We Ask
The Glendy Burk
Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken; Or, Zion Or The City Of God
Go Down, Moses
God Himself Is With Us
God Moves In A Mysterious Way; Or, Conflict: Light Shining Out Of Darkness
The God Of Abraham Praise
God Save The South
Goin' Back To Dixie
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Goober Peas
Good Christian Men, Rejoice
Good King Wenceslas
Good Old Hut At Home
The Good Old Union Wagon
Goodbye, Linda Love
De Goot Lager Bier
Grafted Into The Army
Great Day
The Great Prize Fight
Green Fields
Green Grows The Laurel
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
Gumbo Chaff


Hail To The Chief
Hans Dunder Has Gone For A Soldier
Happy Land Of Canaan
Hard Crackers, Come Again No More
Hard Times
Hard Times, Come Again No More
Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Harper's Ferry
He Leadeth Me
The Hebrew Children
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still
Here's Your Mule; Or, Mister, Here's Your Mule
He's Gone To The Arms Of Abraham
Hickory Soldiers; Or, Mechanics Metamorphosed
High Daddy
High-Toned Southern Gentleman
De History Ob De World
Holy Bible, Book Divine
Holy, Holy, Holy
Home, Sweet Home
The Homespun Dress
Homeward Bound
Honest Pat Murphy: See Pat Murphy Of The Irish Brigade
Hooray For '63: See Away Goes Cuffee
Hound Dog
How Are You, John Morgan?
How Are You, Telegraph?
How Firm A Foundation
How Sweet And Aweful Is The Place
How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds; Or, The Name of Jesus
How Tasteless And Tedious The Hours: See Green Fields
How To Close The War
The Humble Heart


I A, Fighting For The Nigger
I Am Not Sick, I'm Over Forty-Five; Or, I Will Make My Wife Stay At Home And Give The Baby Catnip Tea
I Can Whip The Scoundrel
I Don't Know; Or, The Great Know Nothing Song
I Go To Fight Mit Siegel
I Have Got A Doctor's Certificate
I Love Thee
I See Her At De Window
I Want To Live A Christian Here
I Will Arise
I Wish He Would Decide, Mamma
I Would Not Die In Springtime
If You Only Get A Mustache
I'll Be A Sergeant
ll Twine Mid The Ringlets|
I'm Going Home To Die
I'm Going To Fight Mit Siegel
I'm Gwine Lay Down My Heavy Load
I'm Not Ashamed To Own My Lord
I'm Seventeen Come Sunday
I'm Standing By Your Grace, Mother; Or, The Orphan's Lament
In Evil Long I Took Delight
In The Louisiana Lowlands
The Infantry
The Irish Brigade
Irish Emigrant's Lament
The Irish Jaunting Car
Irish Volunteer
The Irish Wide-Awake
The Irishman's Shanty
It Is My Country's Call
I've Rambled This Country Both Early & Late: See Pretty Polly


Jack De Rabbit
Jacob's Ladder
Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair
Jeff Davis On Arming The Nigger
Jenny Lind
Jessie, The Flower O' Dumblane
Jesus Joy Of Our Desiring
Jesus, Lover Of My Soul
Jesus Shall Reign
Jim Crack Corn: See also Blue Tail Fly and De Blue Tailed Fly
Jim Crow
Jim Crow (2nd Version)
Jim Crow, Complete In 150 Verses
Jim Jawbone; Or, Yankee Doodle Was a Gen'leman
Jine Th' Washington Artillery
Jine The Cavalry
Jingle Bells
Joe Bowers
John Barleycorn
John Bell Of Tennessee
John Brown's Song
John Harrolson
John Hunt Morgan Song:  See How Are You, Telegraph?
Johnny, Fill Up The Bowl!
Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier: See Johnny's Gone For A Soldier
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye
Johnny Is My Darling
Johnny Schmoker
Johnny's Gone For A Soldier
Jordan Is A Had Road To Trabel
Josephus Orange Blossom
Joy To The World
Joys That We Tasted
Just As I Am
Just Before The Battle, Mother


Kathleen Mavourneen
Keemo Kimo: See also Camo Kimo & Kemo Kimo & Kitty Kimo & Polly, Won't You Try Me, Oh
Keep Me From Sinkin' Down
Kelly's Irish Brigade
Kemo Kimo: See also Camo Kimo & Keemo Kimo & Kitty Kimo and Polly, Won't You Try Me, Oh
De Kentucky Screamer: See Clare De Kitchen
Kingdom Coming; Or, Year Ob Jubilo
Kingdom Has Come; Or, Year Of Jubilee
Kiss Me Quick And Go
Kissing In The Dark
Kitty Kimo: See also Camo Kimo & Keemo Kimo & Kemo Kimo & Polly, Won't You Try Me, Oh
Know Nothing Song


Lakes Of Pontchartrain
The Land Of Beulah
Larned Nigger
Larry Maher's Big Five-Gallon Jar
The Last Fierce Charge; Or, Two Soldiers
The Last Man OF Beaufort
The Last Rose Of Summer
Lather And Shave
Lavender's Blue
The Leg I Left Behind Me
Let Me Kiss Him For His Mother
Let Us With A Gladsome Mind
The Level And The Square
The Lexington March: See Yankey Doodle
The Liberty Ball
The Liberty Tree
Lie Low, Lizzie, Lie Low
Lincoln And Hamlin
Lincoln And Liberty
Listen To The Mockingbird
Little Rabbit
Little Topsy's Song
The Little Turtle Dove
The Lone Star State
Long, Long Ago
Lorena's Reply; Or, Paul Vane
Lou'siana Belle
Lou'siana Gals
Loyal Pat's Dedication To The Irish Traitor Of Baltimore
Lubly Fan
Lucy Long
Lynchburg Town


Mac Dil Darrel
Many T'ousand Gone
Mary And Sambo
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Mary Wore Three Links Of Chain
Maryland, My Maryland
Maryland! My Maryland! - A Parody
Mary's Dream
Mary's Tears
The Masonic Song
Massa's In De Cold Ground
Mechanics Metamorphosed: See Hickory Soldiers
Michael Rowed The Boat Ashore
Mister, Here's Your Mule; Or, Here's Your Mule
Miss Ebony Rose
The Monkey's Wedding
Morgan's War Song: See Cheer, Boys, Cheer!
Mother, Home And Heaven
Mr. Burns And His Wife
The Mudsills Are Coming
Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone?
My Beautiful Lizzie
My Darling's Little Shoes
My Faith Looks Up To Thee
My Little Colored Chile
My Mother's Bible
My Old Kentucky Home, Goodnight
My Old Missus Promise Me
My Pretty Quadroon
My Rosy Lub Is The Turtle Dove


The Name Of Jesus: See How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds
Noami Wise: See Omie Wise
A National Song: Uncle Sa Consumpted! What Will Cure Him?
National Thanksgiving Ode
Nearer My God, To Thee
Negro Battle Hymn
Nelly Bly
Nelly Gray: See Darling Nelly Gray
Nelly Was A Lady
New Emancipation Song
The New Jim Crow Song, About The Darkies And The War
New Johnny, Fill Up The Bowl!
New Star Spangled Banner
Nigger Lou: See Tell Poor Lou I'm Gone
Niggers In Convention
No Hidin' Place
No Irish Need Apply
No Irish Need Apply
No One To Love
Nobody Knows The Trouble I Seen
Not All The Blood Of Beasts
Not What My Hands Have Done
Nothing But A Plain Old Soldier


O Come, All Ye Faithful
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing
O God, Our Help In Ages Past
O Sacred Head, Now Wounded
O Tannenbaum
O Touch Not My Sister's Picture
O Worship The King
Oh, Death, Please Let Me See
Oh, God, Protect My Boy!: See Patriot Mother's Prayer
Oh, I'se So Wicked!: Topsy's Song
Oh!  Massa's Gwine To Washington
Oh, No John!
Oh, Susannah
Oh!  Wasn't She Fond Of Her Greens!
Old 100th; Or, Old Hundredth; Or, Doxology
Old Abe Has Gone And Did It, Boys!
Old Abe Lies Sick
The Old Arm Chair
Old Black Joe
Old Bob Ridley
The Old Bog Hole
Old Dan Tucker
Old Dog Tray
Old Folks At Home
The Old Gray Mare
Old Hundredth; Or, Old 100th; Or, Doxology
Old Jessy: Ethiopian Song
Old Joe
Old Joe
Old Shady: A Contraband Song
Old Uncle Ned
The Old Union Wagon
The Old Woman's Donkey
Old Wurginny
Old Zip Coon
De Ole Stingy Man
Old Tare River
Omie Wise; Or, Poor Omie; Or, Naomi Wise
On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand
On Lincoln's Proclamation Of April 1st, 1863
Oppossum Up A Gum Tree
The Orphan's Lament: See I'm Standing By Your Grave, Mother
Our Country's In Danger And Calls For You Now
Our Homestead Is Surely The Sweetest On Earth: The  Song Of Eva


Paddy's Fight With The Know-Nothings
Paddy's Lament
Parody Of When This Cruel War Is Over
Parody On Tenting On The Old Campground
Parting Friends
The Parting Glass
Pat Murphy Of Meagher's Brigade
Pat Murphy Of The Irish Brigade; Or, Honest Pat Murphy
Patchwork Song
The Pateroller Song; Or, Run,. Nigger, Run
The Patriot Mother's Prayer; Or, Protect My Boy
The Patriotic Contraband
Pat's Curiosity Shop
Paul Vane: See Lorena's Reply
The Peanut Gal
The Peanut-Gal's Ghost
The Peanut Stand
Picking Lint
Plug Uglies
Polly Hopkins & Tommy Tompkins
Polly, Won't You Try Me, Oh?: See also Camo Kimo & Kemo Kimo & Kemo Kimo & Kitty Kimo
Polly Wolly Doodle
Pompey Moore
Pompey Smash
Poor Aunt Dinah: See Aunt Dinah
Poor Old Maids
Poor Omie: See Omie Wise
Poor Rosey
Pop Goes The Question
Pop Goes The Weasel (1859 Version)
Pretty Polly
The Prisoner's Hope: See Tramp, Tramp, Tramp!
Protect My Boy!: See Patriotic Mother's Prayer


Queer Sights


The Razor Strop Man
Rejoice, The Lord Is King!
Richmond Is A Hard Road To Travel
Riding A Raid
Rights Of Woman
Ring De Hoo; An' Blow De Horn
Ring, Ring De Banjo
Rock Of Ages
Roll, Alabama, Roll
Root, Abe, Or Die
Root, Hog, Or Die
Rose Of Alabama
The Rose Tree
Rosin The Beau
Run, Nigger, Run
Run, Nigger, Run Or The M.P.'ll Catch You


Sally Goodin
Sally In Our Alley
Sally's Lamentation; Or, The Answer to Sally
Sam Sluffheel And Fanny Doodle: A Serenade
Sambo's Address To His Bredren: See Ching A Ring Chaw
Sambo's 'Dress To He Bredren And Ole Wirginny
Sambo's Right To Be Kilt
The Sands Of Time Are Sinking
The Scolding Wife
Shady Grove
Short'nin' Bread
Shuck Dat Corn Befo' Yo' Eat
Sister Carrie; Or, The Compromise Song
Sittin' On A Rail; Or, The Raccoon Hunt
Skip To My Lou
The Slave Ship
Slumber On, Baby Dear: A Mother's Cradle Song
Snolly-Goster Ebenezer
The Snow Storm: A Ballad
A Sober Spouse For Me: A Fireside Temperance Song
A Soldier In De Colored Brigade
Soldier, Soldier Will You Marry Me?
Soldier's Joy
The Soldier's Tear
Solo Shingle And His Great Apple-Sass Case
Somebody's Darling
Song Of The Black Shakers
The Song of the Drum
Song Of The Fifth
Song Of The Kansas Emigrants
Sourkrout And Sausages
Sourwood Mountain
The Southern Cross
The Southern Girl's Song: See The Homespun Dress
The Southern Soldier
The Southern Soldier Boy
Sparking Sunday Night
Spice For All: See All Spice
The Spiritual Railway
St. Clare To Little Eva In Heaven
Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus
The Star Spangled Banner
Stay On The Farm
Steal Away to Jesus
Stonewall Jackson's Way
Strike For Your Rights, Avenge Your Wrongs
Swanee River: See Old Folks At Home
Sweet Betsy From Pike: See also Villikins And His Dinah
Sweet Evelina
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot


Tell Poor Lou I'm Gone; Or, Nigger Lou
Tennessee! Fire away!
Tenting Tonight On The Old Campground
The Texas Ranger: See Wild Ned Farewell
That's What's The Matter!
There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood
There Was An Old Nigger And His Name Was Uncle Ned: See Uncle Ned
There'll Be A Stormy Morning
There's Life In The Old Land Yet
Think Of Your Head In The Morning
The Times: A Hit At The Popular Humbugs Of the Day
A Toast To Virginia
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!; Or, The Prisoner's Hope
The True Heart Of Woman
Try Us!
'Twas At The Siege Of Vicksburg
Twenty Years Ago
Two On Earth And Two In Heaven
Two Soldiers; Or, The Last Fierce Charge
Two Years Ago


Uncle Ned
Uncle Tom's Grave
Uncle Tom's Religion
The Unhappy Contraband
The Upi-Dee Song


The Vacant Chair
The Valiant Conscript
De Venus Ob Ohio
Villikins And His Dinah
The Volunteer: See It Is My Country's Call


Wade In De Water
Wait For The Lager
Wait For The Wagon (Phyllis Dear)
Wait For The Wagon
Wait For The Wagon - The Dissolution Wagon
Wake Nicodemus
Wake Up Mose!
Was My Brother In The Battle
The Water Is Wide
Watermelon On The Vine
Way Down In CA-I-RO
Way Down In Dixie
The Wayfaring Stranger
We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder: See Jacob's Ladder
We Are Coming, Father Abr'am
We Are Coming From The Cotton Fields
We Conquer Or Die
We Raise De Wheat
Weeping, Sad And Lonely; Or, When This Cruel War Is Over - Northern Version
Weeping, Sad And Lonely; Or, When This Cruel War Is Over - Southern Version
We're The Boys For Mexico
We're Traveling Home To Heaven Above
We've Drunk from the Same Canteen
What A Heel She's Got Behind Her
What Child Is This?
When I Saw Sweet Nellie Home
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
When This Cruel War Is Over; Or, Weeping Sad And Lonely: See Weeping Sad And Lonely
When Upon The Field Of Glory: An Answer To "When This Cruel War Is Over"
Who Will Care For Mickey Now?
The Why And The Wherefore
Wide Awake Jordan
Wild Ned Farewell; Or, The Texas Ranger
Wildwood Flower: See I'll Twine 'Mid The Ringlets
Will You Come To The Bow'r?
Witching Dinah Crow
Wondrous Love
Working Boy




De Yaller Gal In De Morning
Yankee Doodle
Yankee Doodle: Another Version
Yankey Doodle; Or, The Lexington March
The Year Ob Jubilo: See Kingdom Coming
Year Of Jubilee: See Kingdom Has Come
The Yellow Rose Of Texas
You Are Going To The Wars, Willie Boy
You Rebels Come Along
You Shan't Have Any Of My Peanuts
Young Eph's Lament; Or, Oh, Whar Will I Go If Dis Country Breaks Up
Your Mission


Zion; Or, The City Of God; Or, Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken
Zip Coon
Zip Coon On The Go-Ahead Principle