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lee's songbook


Words By William Carleton
To the tune of QUEER THINGS

I'm an Irishman bint on my rambles:
Of strange sights I've seen, faith, a few;
But it's av the quare things I've not seen,
I'm now goin' to sing unto you.
Whin in New-York City I landed,
I walked up the Broadway, ye see:
But "if Broadway was walkin' up me, boys,"
What a quare lookin' sight that'd be!

Fal de lal, &c.

Giniral Washington's statue on horseback
Stands in the great Union-Square:
He brought the States Indepindence--
I wish it was so everywhere.
The Giniral is ridin' his pony.
So nate and so tidy, you see;
But "if the pony was ridin' the Giniral,"
What a quare lookin' thing that'd be!

Fal de lal,

To the Cinthral Park, thin. I rambled,
Where beautiful things I have seen--
Ladies and Gints wur on horseback,
Walkin' all round the green.
I saw a young woman nursin' a baby:
Its mother I took her to be;
But "if the baby was nursin' its mother,"
What a quare lookin' thing that'd be!

Fal de lal,

I, thin, took a walk down the Bowery,
The boys and the girls for to see,
And to get a small dhrop o' the crayther,
As I was out on a bit of a spree.
A nayger was aitin' an oysther,
So merry and happy was he;
But "if the oysther was aitin' the nayger,"
What a quare lookin' thing that'd be!

Fal de lal,

And now, boys, my song is ended:
I hope that same plased ye all;
If I hadn't comminced for to sing it,
I wouldn't have begun it at all.
If ye had no ears to hear it,
If I had no voice to sing,
You'll agree with me in a minit:
It'd be rather a quare lookin' thing!

Fal de lad doodle dum dee.

H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 60 Chatham Street, New York